April 19, 2011

Sweet Macy and her sisters

Perfect little Macy Faye was welcomed into this world by her parents and her two big sisters...who are also Finian Road Signature babies.  :)  Always a fun shoot when I get to see "little sisters" become "big sisters"!  And especially fun that this was my last newborn before my own newborn is due in a few short days!

I've shot the oldest, Siri, since she was 3 months old, and she just celebrated her 5th birthday.  Such a blessing to be part of their world!

A few of my very favorites of all the girls, Siri, Elise, and now Macy.

How awesome is it to see these girls grow up together?

Siri at three months • July 2006
Siri at six months • October 2006
Siri at nine months • January 2007
Siri at one year • April 2007
Siri at a year and a half • October 2007
Siri at two years • April 2008

Elise as a newborn, Siri at 2 1/4 years • July 2008
Elise at three months, Siri at 2 1/2 years • November 2008
Elise at nine months, Siri at 3 years • March 2009
Elise at one year, Siri at 3 1/2 years • July 2009 
Elise at  21 months, Siri at 4 years • March 2010

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