April 20, 2011

Ariana & Gibson

These little ones are growing up so quickly...it feels like just yesterday I was shooting Ariana as a five-day-old!  Ariana is turning 4 and Gibson is turning 2...time just flies by.

They are hilarious together, and this image of them sitting by the river just makes my heart happy.  How peaceful!

A few of my favorites from last weekend's shoot...

To see how they've grown...

Ariana at five days • May 2007
...at three months • August 2007
...at six months • November 2007
...at nine months • January 2008
...at one year • April 2008
Ariana at two years, Gibson as a newborn • May 2009
Ariana at two and a quarter years, Gibson at three monthsAugust 2009
Ariana at two and a half, Gibson at six monthsOctober 2009
Ariana at two and three quarter years, Gibson at nine monthsJanuary 2010
Ariana at three, Gibson at one • May 2010 

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