May 26, 2010

Ariana and Gibson | Orting Family Photographer

With Gibson's first birthday and Ariana's third birthday, we shot near their family's new home out in Orting.  What better way to mark their big days and new place?  How can you go wrong with the river running right near their backyard and Mt. Rainier in the distance?

Ariana is growing into a beautiful little lady (who showed me where the best snacks are kept: in the freezer).  Gibson's little blue eyes and grin are the best at lighting up a room.  Or the whole outside, for that matter.

Read on for some of my favorites in this short little sneak peek...

Oh, hello 'fro.  I love you so.

Guess what's awesome about this's straight out of the camera! No Photoshop, except for cropping.  How beautiful are her eyes?

Looking back over fun is it to see how they've grown?  It is one of my very most favorite things about being entrusted to shoot little ones over their first years...

Ariana at five days • May 2007 three months • August 2007 six months • November 2007 nine months • January 2008 one year • April 2008
Ariana at two years, Gibson as a newborn • May 2009
Ariana at two and a quarter years, Gibson at three monthsAugust 2009
Ariana at two and a half, Gibson at six monthsOctober 2009
Ariana at two and three quarter years, Gibson at nine monthsJanuary 2010

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