April 29, 2010

Ariana & Gibson

From way back in January...for Gibson's nine month shoot!  He just turned 1, can't wait to see the birthday boy and his big sister for their next shoot in a few weeks!

We met down at Redondo Beach, where Davin and Theresa had a lot of memories.  With two little ones now, it was so fun to shoot them and freeze this moment in time together.

How beautiful is Ariana?

And how handsome is Gibson? :)

I love this one of the two of them together.

Looking back over time...how fun is it to see how they've grown?
Ariana at five days • May 2007
...at three months • August 2007
...at six months • November 2007
...at nine months • January 2008
...at one year • April 2008
Ariana at two years, Gibson as a newborn • May 2009
Ariana at two and a quarter years, Gibson at three monthsAugust 2009
Ariana at two and a half, Gibson at six monthsOctober 2009

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