April 29, 2010

Last chance!

The deets, in case a pitiful image of my child trying to sell raffle tickets to a dog doesn't persuade you:

  • Finian Road  (formerly known as Shelley Mauss Photography) has donated an awesome grand prize worth $750 -- to a drawing where 100% of the proceeds raised benefits the American Cancer Society. 
  • What does the winner receive?  An awesome photo shoot, the digital negatives, and two beautiful gallery-wrapped canvas (worth $300) of their choosing from the shoot.
  • There's 125 tickets available - we've sold 54 tickets so far.  If you bought 1 ticket, you'd have a 1 in 55 chance of winning!  If you purchased 2 tickets, you'd have a 1 in 28 chance of winning!
  • Not that I'm a numbers nerd or anything, but selling 6 more tickets will tie the amount raised last year.  Selling 8 tickets beyond that will tie the amount raised in 2008.   Selling 1 ticket beyond that will give us our best year yet!
  • Tickets are only available until 5:59 pm on Friday night.  Do not worry if you don't have your ticket in hand, all donations for tickets will be included in the drawing.  And you will still receive your ticket in the mail (with the 15% off coupon to Finian Road!). 
  • How do you buy a ticket?  Click here. Donate $25 for each ticket you want to purchase [minimum is 1, maximum right now is 71 tickets. :)  ]  If you donate before 5:59 pm on Friday night (Pacific time), your tickets will be included in the drawing. 
  • When will you stop talking about Relay?  When cancer always considered a treatable disease, like the flu.  Or a cold.  Or really, when it's never again a life-threatening disease.  Until then, we'll Relay For Life to make that day possible.  Because we are making it happen.

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