April 22, 2011

2011 Pricing Updates + News

A few quick Finian Road updates as we enter a month-long maternity leave for Finian Road.

First and foremost, I'll be "on the down low" for the first two weeks after the Wee Ski 2.0 is born (estimated arrival is on May 1).  I have several ongoing design projects that will continue, but those clients are well aware of the changes to project delivery during that time.  :)

In preparing for the leave, we had a major shoot blitz in April to make sure all my Finian Road Signature babies were taken care of (11 shoots over 3 weeks time!), while giving me time to get everyone's shoots edited and delivered.  I have just a few shoots remaining to deliver.  So glad I planned for time both before and after he is born!

Please feel free to contact me during my leave, should you have any questions or are looking to book a shoot...but just be patient that time turnarounds for responses via email or phone may be delayed a bit.  :)

Finian Road's pricing hasn't changed in two years, but it is changing as my work/life balance changes a bit.  Beginning May 1st, pricing will be adjusted based on the distance from Finian Road's "local shooting area".  Essentially, further distances for shooting will have a higher price than shoots located more centrally to Thurston/Pierce County.   It mainly affects both the individual shoot price (currently a flat $450 per shoot) and the multi-shoot plan options (ranging from $800-$1250).

There are two brochures which illustrate the new pricing, effective May 1, 2011.  Clicking on either image will bring you to a printable PDF with all the details.

Current pricing remains in effect until May 1 -- so if you are a client who is a bit "further away" (in Grays Harbor, Mason, Kitsap, King, Snohomish or Island County), you can book and prepay a shoot (or a multi-shoot plan) at the current rates and avoid the price increases that will take effect on May 1. 
  • Individual Shoot  |  $450 + tax
  • Simplicity Plan  |  $800 + tax
  • Signature Plan  |  $1250 + tax
Shoots can be scheduled at your convenience after I return from maternity leave, but the pre-May 1st pricing will be in effect for all booking/prepayments.

Questions?  Just shoot me an email!  :)

Finally, we have just 8 days to go until the 2011 Shoot to Fight Cancer drawing!  Details can be found here, and tickets are available until the 30th or until we sell out.  We've sold nearly $1000 of tickets so far, so don't miss your chance to win one of 3 fabulous prizes!

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