April 28, 2011

The 2010 Shoot to Fight Cancer Winner: The Callon Family

When the Callons once last year's Shoot to Fight Cancer, I knew it would be an adventure.  Becky and Dave have four grown boys, and it would be the chance to capture *everyone* together...even the next (third) generation of Callon.

We shot down at St. Martin's University, which holds a very special place in the Callon family's heart.   It was the perfect combination of images to capture family with the outtakes that make this family who they are.  :)

I loved the images that Becky selected to have enlarged to the 16x20 gallery wraps.  One of the whole gang, and one of the guys together.  There's a few images of how they turned out a the bottom.

A few of my favorites from the shoot...

Little Joey, hanging "on his own" with the guys.

One of the images selected for the gallery wrap.  You can see a bit of the texture in the wrap.  I love that the image extends all the way through the sides + top + bottom.  You can see in the photo beneath how it truly 'wraps' all the way around.  :)

And all the guys together.

So excited to see who wins this year...and what images they select for their own gallery wraps!

Want to have a chance at winning the 2011 Shoot to Fight Cancer?  The deadline is coming up quickly...this Saturday, April 30th!  All the details are here!  :)

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