March 23, 2010


The very first shoot of spring.

A special shoot - the day before sweet little Ellie was baptized, and the gift of having the girls' grandparents with them for the shoot.   Siri was photographed with her other grandparents at a year and a half -- so here's Ellie's turn!  Miss Elise is a year and a half, and Miss Siri is turning 3. 

We shot down at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge -- where the girls were a bit more joyful than the average birdwatcher.  :)

Among my favorites...

How awesome is it to see these girls grow up together?
Siri at three months • July 2006
Siri at six months • October 2006
Siri at nine months • January 2007
Siri at one year • April 2007
Siri at a year and a half • October 2007
Siri at two years • April 2008
Elise as a newborn, Siri at 2 1/4 years • July 2008
Elise at three months, Siri at 2 1/2 years • November 2008
Elise at nine months, Siri at 3 years • March 2009
Elise at one year, Siri at 3 1/2 years • July 2009

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