March 29, 2009

Spring is (almost) here!

Don't let the beautiful bright colors fool's a little above freezing! Snow was everywhere a few hours earlier, until the sun came out...yea!

Elise is now eight months old -- almost nine -- and Siri is turning 3. So hard to believe I've shot Siri since she was three months old!

Elise is growing by leaps and bounds, and her sweet little personality is beginning to shine. I love seeing the two of them together. So different. So loving. So them.

Lots of favorites for this sneak peek...

Elise's little BamBam ponytail reminds me so much of Siri's faux hawk at six months.

I am also now, as a new mom, a sucker for snuggles. Especially between daddies and their daughters.

And for my favorite expressions...

And my favorite classic family shot...two little ones doing their own thing, and Dad bringing them together. :)

And a little self-portrait of Siri and I -- my first ever Signature Baby Plan all her three year old glory! ♥

To see how these beautiful little girlies have grown...
Siri at three months • July 2006
Siri at six months • October 2006
Siri at nine months • January 2007
Siri at one year • April 2007
Siri at a year and a half • October 2007
Siri at two years • April 2008
Elise as a newborn, Siri at 2 1/4 years• July 2008
Elise at three months, Siri at 2 1/2 years • November 2008

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