October 16, 2007

Siri...at a year and a half

Shooting Siri was so much fun...it's been fifteen months since our first time together with the camera...and I love to see how she's grown over that time. (Don't worry, there's links to her earlier shoots down below)

We met down in downtown Olympia on the rare October afternoon that has had abundant sunshine...between the glow of the sunlight and the rich fall colors...she is simply beautiful. Tharen and Chris, thank you so much for inviting me into her first year and a half! ♥

While the shoot was mainly to capture her growth...her grandparents and parents joined in for a few images...enjoy my favorites below! :)

I love the peacefulness of the two of them overlooking Capitol Lake...

Sneaky, sneaky...

To see how she's grown:
At three months • July 2006
At six months • October 2006
At nine months • January 2007
At one year • April 2007

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