July 31, 2009

The Girls: Siri and Ellie

Three years. That's how long I've been shooting Miss Siri...from her very first shoot at three months old. She's been a big sister for a year now. I adore the two of them together. So much fun to see how they interact with each other, how each girl has different facets of her parents, and how the whole gang is together.

We shot down at the waterfront for Ellie's one year and Siri's 3 year, 3 month photos.

You will love these.

I do. :)

I adore this face - made when her papa was playing peekaboo with her... :)

Lots of history here...
Siri at three months • July 2006
Siri at six months • October 2006
Siri at nine months • January 2007
Siri at one year • April 2007
Siri at a year and a half • October 2007
Siri at two years • April 2008
Elise as a newborn, Siri at 2 1/4 years • July 2008
Elise at three months, Siri at 2 1/2 years • November 2008
Elise at nine months, Siri at 3 years • March 2009

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