January 11, 2010

Malachi, just before Christmas

Twenty two months old. So incredible to see how he's grown since I shot him at three days old...he has definitely come into his own. Sweet, loving, and the most fabulous sneaky little smile.

What am I excited for? That he's going to be a big brother! He's one of a few "second Signature babies" that are expected for Finian Road this summer...yea!

There were so many fantastic images to choose from -- I cannot wait to show his parents the final shots!

Among my favorites...

I love this father/son image.

One of his famous faces...

Mama hugs and squeezes...

As close to snow as we seem to be able to get! Good thing the lower fields seem to take longer to "defrost"! :) He was a fan as long as the "snow" didn't stick to his gloves!

Just before they headed into the trees to find their 2009 Christmas tree!

Looking back over the past two years...
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