September 6, 2008

Malachi at six months

A day at the zoo! No better way to start the weekend...especially when tagging along with Jeremy, Melissa, and six-month-old Malachi. Loved getting a chance to see how much Malachi's grown since his three month shoot...and to see how much they all love simply being together.
One of the great things with shooting Malachi is that his mom wants "everyday life" captured in each one of the we do things that they would normally do together. If we're at home, they read, eat, laugh, and play. Out and about, they play, see things that interest them, and live life like I'm not there. I love how the shoots turn out!
Headed to Point Defiance, and this is what happened...a happy boy, just after eating!

This is one of his famous new faces that he makes...

Visiting the sharks with Daddy...

And a rare shot of Malachi will know who was behind the camera when he gets older! Don't you love the shades?

And the fam together...

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