September 7, 2008

Anaya at three months

It's hard to believe that Anaya is just three months old! She's grown so animated and lovey. Her journey with her parents has been amazing...with her adoption becoming final this month. What a beautiful family!
Spent some time down at the waterfront, shielded from the sunshine and loving a little one-on-one time with her.

How much do I love her beaming smile?!?

A tribute to her Lutes both her grandparents and parents met at PLU...doesn't she look ready to turn out for their athletics?

We had a moment of undiffused sunshine...where she wasn't quite sure what to do...

And when it disappeared behind the clouds, she was all smiles again!


Amelia said...

I have never seen such a fat baby!! Rolls upon rolls! So so cute!!! Many congratulations to the family!!!

Unknown said...

oh my flipping cute!

Anonymous said...

Marta and Brian I miss you so much! What a beautiful family. Much love!