November 25, 2009

On a chilly afternoon...

...little Miss Ellie braved the winds. And the cold. In the most ridiculously cute Kenneth Cole Reaction boots ever. So crazy to think the last time I shot her, we were hiding from the 95° sunshine. How things change in the northwest in a few short months!

And her sweet hats? Her mama has been designing them...aren't they fabulous? I'm thinking there would definitely be a market for them if she ever decides to sell them...

Onto my faves for her nine-month-old shoot...with a few hidden until after her family's Christmas cards are out!

Looking back...

Ellie at six months • July 2009
Ellie at three months • April 2009
Ellie as a newborn • January 2009
Ellie's parents get married • February 2008
Ellie's parents at their engagement shoot • January 2008

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Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE the pictures of little Ellie with the furry brown coat and the feather hat. Is it just me or does she look like the sweetest little baby bird EVER? Absolutely beautiful always Shelley!