November 12, 2009

Mama and Son

Let's be real - I was so far north for this shoot that I swear I needed my passport to reenter the United States from Canada. Perhaps it wasn't THAT far, but really, it felt like Canada, eh!

I had the chance to shoot Erin and her 13 year old son, Trent...who has been rocking the mohawk for longer than he can remember. They dyed it green for the occasion!

We headed to Kayak Point. Love the beach (even with the tide up!), the cool rocks and driftwood, and the amazing climbing structure that Trent mastered for me.

So fun to see them together - Erin's such a great mom to him. Makes me happy. :)

A quick peek at some of my favorites...

I love that his silhouette even frames the 'hawk. :)

I heart this. :)

Can't wait for you to see the rest!

1 comment:

Janna Hendrickson said...

Shelley - great job. Erin and her son are going to love these pictures now and many years down the road. I really like the one with their hands on their hips - great job as always!