April 16, 2009

Fire in the hole!

Catching up with Jackson, Freddie, Tegan and Liberty...we headed over to the boardwalk at Chambers Bay - to be greeted by rain and wind! After a small people led revolt, we headed over to the giant playset at Chambers Elementary...just what the small people needed to be happy. :)
I love what you find with four kids in the family - every range of emotion and a ton of laughter.
Check out Jackson's curls!

And look who's walking now!

Mmm...fiber. Or pinecones. Take your pick.

Just before Liberty jumped, she started yelling "Fire in the hole!"

I just love this image of Freddie alone, up and watching over things.

Just before the revolt...

This would be my same exact face if I had that much wet dirt on my hands. :)

To see how they've grown...

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