August 9, 2008

Jackson and his fam

Jackson's is six months old now...surrounded by his two sisters, big brother and parents...there is never a dull {or quiet :) } moment with this family...and I love it. We spent the morning at Point Defiance, in the rose gardens and down to the beach. Early enough to have them both be pretty deserted by everyone else.
My favorite part about this family is how they all interact. You'll see it in the photos...I love seeing how four distinct personalities all get along as little ones. Love it.
A few of my fave images...

The hand sneaking into the first photo? Belongs to the little one on the right, Liberty. She is sneaky sneaky!

How can you not love this pout?

Big brother Freddie...

And daddy with his girls...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These are my son and grandkids and you did a great job of capturing their true personalities.
Love the pictures