October 6, 2008

The Whole Fam

It's been over a year since these two married...it's hard to believe how quickly time flies! I loved the chance to catch up with Kat and Andrew...as well as the kids, and her family.
A few of my favorites are below...

These two were originally seen here...nearly two years ago. They are growing up so quickly! How handsome does Kyle look?

And doesn't Kimberly look simply beautiful?

Kat's brother and his girlfriend, Laurie...

Kyle found this on his own... :)

And one of my favorite outtakes...anyone remember Chandler Bing trying to get his photos taken? :)


Le@nne said...

Great photos!! Kat and Andrew you look great! Who can believe you've been married so long already!! xx

Amy said...

you know that I know Chandler Bing. His bottom lip actually needs to be protruding out from his face a little more!!! LOL HAHAHAH!!! I love it!!! I love you and your family Kat!!! God Bless You!