August 10, 2007

Andrew + Kathleen

On 777 at St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Sumner...the most sought-after wedding day in 2007...Andrew and Kathleen wed. Joined by her daughter Kimberly and her son Kyle...who looked so much older than the engagement shoot from last October!

They're a family you simply love to be around.

This is, by far, my favorite image. I confess that when Kat and I were walking into the sanctuary for the first look, I started tearing up...which made her start tearing up even before she saw Andrew. Once she did...there was a tenderness there which I can only hope for on my own wedding day. How honored I felt to be there!

After they spent a few moments together, they knelt before the Blessed Sacrament in the corner of the sanctuary - praying and asking for God's blessing.

I love Kimberly's pout. As pouty as she was for me - she was nothing but smiles with a bit of nervousness before the Mass.

The blessing of the rings - held by Kyle and Kimberly.

While saying their vows (blurred in the background), I caught the Oil of Catechumens, which signifies strength. Knowing that Andrew had just finished RCIA and been baptized with this oil just a few months earlier, there was no better place to see it than when they were promising themselves to each other.

Their first kiss as husband and wife...

I am a sucker for brothers and sisters... :)

In the 'getaway car' heading to the reception...

A feat of modern wedding science...

Kat and her brother swing dancing...

And my favorite from the reception - their first dance - where they just focused in on each other.

I am so excited for what the future holds for the two of you...may you be blessed! ♥

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