August 7, 2007

Four Generations

A rare opportunity when all the family is in town - now spread across the U.S. - and everyone from the great grandfather to grandfather to the Father to the six-month-old great grandson is present. It was important to them to capture some of these moments when everyone was together - and I was so honored to be part of it!

With the (now public) announcement of my growing baby niece or nephew, it seems little ones keep coming my way to be photographed! James is a gorgeous little one and I loved seeing everyone interact with him.

A sneaky peek on some of my favorites:

Six month old James and his little grin on his grandma's arm...

...with his parents looking on

The family together

John and Marlene

As the four generations gathered...I loved seeing James patting his opa's head :)

You never know what's behind a shot...

Sometimes you just need a little reinforcement!

Shot with a gift they received...


Anonymous said...

Would you vote for these people? Love, the Lundbergs!

Unknown said...

these are such beautiful pics! i am amazed (once again) =0