January 14, 2007

Kristine at Point Defiance

How incredibly beautiful is this woman?!?

Headed down to Point Defiance to test out the new lens in lower light, as well as some frosty ultra-white conditions. Caught some of the last moments of sunlight combined with the soft snow.

Kristine, with the sun's rays backlighting her hair. With the temperature at 29 degrees, it's almost like basking in the sun...almost.

The pond down at Point Defiance, nearly fully frozen over.

Amazed me that they could stand on the ice...it was so cold!

She has the best eyelashes ever. I love them.

In her new leather coat, with a sparkle in her eye...

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Kristine!!! You bring something magical to those pictures, Shelley! And kristine is beautiful, of course! :) God bless,