January 15, 2007


Two-year-old Savanna. Paints and plays and laughs and runs around chasing small doggies that are just her size. Inspects everything, especially my camera. :)

I loved spending the morning with her and her mom, who (amazingly) kept up with everything Savanna was up to. A few of my favorite images are below...

Savanna pondering her snow globe...with the most beautiful eyelashes.

Savanna hugging her mom, Sabrina...keeping her eyes on the outside window where she heard there was a four-legged surprise...

This is how Savanna set this whole image up. She looked at me, pointed at the office, said "daddy", and ran in. She pulled out the chair, climbed up in it, and showed me exactly what daddy does in there. So proud of herself for knowing exactly what to do.

This child's silhouette is gorgeous.

Every so often she would whip around and sneak a wee grin to her mom...
One of my very faves. when looking for woody (from toy story), and the big hat was placed on her head, she tossed it right off. She wanted the little one, not the big one.
"Biper come here!"
When Savanna finally caught up to viper, she was full of giggles and squeals. Viper was ready to run. :)

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