January 7, 2007

Siri: Nine Months

Little Siri, seen earlier at three months and six months. I love seeing how she's growing. How inquisitive she is. How she gazes and focuses and giggles and laughs and grins.

The fabulously rainy windy mess that we call current-northwest-weather continues...so we made do inside. Her fabulous blue eyes still sparkle. And that makes me happy!

It's her mommy she sees that gives her this grin...

Daddy and Siri with the most fabulous little book - complete with a photo of Siri inside. It lights up while he reads and she sees everything.

She can't decide between me and the image in the mirror...

My fave thing about this image? Nine-month-old love handles! ♥

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Anonymous said...

Yay! More Shelley photos! You are absolutely awesome! :) Oh, and thanks for suggesting to Austin that he start his own blog complete with photos from his new camera!