January 1, 2007

Baby Meadows

Almost here, little baby is. :)

Proud mommy Lacey was just radiant - even in the midst of the terrible downpour that was falling outside. We modified the plan a bit to use as much light from the outside as possible, and spent an hour or so in front of the camera.

Lacey's wee one is the first official "signature package" for Shelley Mauss Photography - following her baby's life from just-before-birth to 1 year. She'll be photographed today, as a newborn, and at three, six, nine and 12 months.

Katie can't wait to be a big sister...already protective of her little baby sibling.

One of the still images of mom, daughter, and baby.
It wouldn't be normal if Katie didn't ham it up a bit for the camera...

with her silly grin!

Check back in a few short weeks to see images of this little one's arrival!

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