June 14, 2010

Charlotte at one week | Federal Way Newborn Photographer

Miss Charley...fresh, sweet baby girl.  We shot in the morning, ending outside just a few minutes before an incredible thunderstorm rolled in.  By then, she was cozied back up inside with her mama.  Her big sister is a Finian Road Signature baby, and Charley is joining her in the club.  So excited to shoot her over her first year!

One of the best parts of shooting a newborn under 10 days old is how flexible and cozy they are.  It's why I always schedule in flex time near the wee one's due date, so we can shoot as soon as possible after the birth.  She is perfectly ready for the shot below...a bit of a throwback to the previous nine months in the womb!  :)

Yawn...sweet hat made by her mama.

A series of images that we shot just before the thunderstorm...love love love her family's backyard. 

{Shot at midrange, cozy in the pot}

{wide angle, soaking in all the sunlight possible through the tall, tall trees}

{in close}

And one of big sister Ellie, with her new "big sister ride"...

Welcome to the world, sweet child.  So glad to meet you.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful Shelley! Your photos never cease to amaze me.