August 14, 2009

All Brown and Ricey

Each time I shoot them...there is always major change. Austin will be a sophomore in the fall, and Paige will be in her final year of junior high. So different from four years ago!

Austin's now taller than his mom (and me!), and Paige is continuing to grow up at rapid speed. The shoot was much warmer than last time...which I think we were all grateful for!

We spent about an hour and hung out at the waterfront. I so love that they will pretty much do anything I ask...and are themselves the whole time.

They were flexible with when we began the shoot we started about two hours before sunset. Perfect, sweet, golden light.

Canadian geese are not afraid of Austin or Paige.

This image? So much has changed since the first time they sat on this log four years ago.

Over the years...

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