April 3, 2009

Little Miss Abygail

...is sporting her cute little toothy smile!

She's getting ready for her first Easter...as any nine month old little one can! I love seeing her with her mom and dad - especially the image at the very end with her snuggled up against Brian, trying to stay warm.

How can you not love these baby blues?!?

Watch out world, it's "The Tripod"!

When first starting out, bubbles are always very serious business.

And there's the grin...

To see how she's grown...
Abygail as a bun in the oven • May 2008
Abygail as a newborn • June 2008
At three months • October 2008

1 comment:

Jenn & Noah said...

awww... LOVE these pics! they are such a cute family! you coming to "mommy monday" at my house on monday? =)