December 7, 2008

Of updates and beautiful sunshine...

As it pours down rain this morning on the farm, I am saying a prayer of thanksgiving for the amazing sunshine that we had for the 2008 Christmas tree shindig! More than 100 people came out for our open house, Christmas tree hunting, and photo shoot on the hillside. And Henry's sneaky little smile just made my day. Had to share it with you in advance of the sneak peek scheduled for tomorrow. Hasn't he grown since the last time I shot him?
Last year, we had a beautiful snowfall...this year, nearly 60° and beautiful light. My last official shoot before the baby is born in about a month. I still can't believe it!
For the Tree Shindig in 2008, I was testing out photo processing from Pictage. This year for the Shindig, I used my pro account at SmugMug, which allows for full resolution downloads from the site. Those who attended the Shindig will be able to download and print them at several different sizes (from small websize all the way up to enlargement sized), and they are available at no charge.
Everyone who attended should get an email from me today or tomorrow with the link to the images...if you haven't heard from me by tomorrow night, it means I don't have your updated contact info! Shoot me an email and I'll send you the link! Enjoy!
Some quick updates...
  • Maternity Leave and shoot scheduling
    As I am on maternity leave until the end of March, the only shoots that are scheduled between now and then are for Finian Road's Signature Baby Plan clients. Beginning in February, I will begin scheduling family and engagement shoots for April, May, June and July.
  • Projects in the works
    The next two weeks will be finishing up editing and projects from the last few months (six shoots last month alone!). All Christmas card orders have gone to print by last week, and should be delivered directly to our clients via UPS this week. If you've sent me an email in the last two weeks and haven't heard back yet, I'll be responding as soon as these shoots are finished and shipped.
  • Inquiries and email
    I will be available easily through email and on a limited basis by phone as the baby's arrival nears. January will be low-key, with the exception of a brand new baby scheduled to arrive two weeks after my son!
  • The Blog
    Although I'll be on maternity leave, check back to the blog occasionally! You'll find a few shoots from earlier in the year that haven't yet been published, as well as a continuation of the A-Z project Q&A posts that are scheduled to publish while I'm not shooting on leave. And if you're looking to see a little of our life after the baby is born...check back here or over to our family blog: Life on the Farm!
  • ...and ahead in 2009
    There are some fun projects in the works for 2009, including a sweet new Shoot to Fight Cancer that will have the best grand prize yet! We're planning for some great new toys (read: buttery smooth lenses and lighting) and some products to feature images in a beautiful new way for your home.

Wishing you a beautiful Advent season as Christmas draws closer! ♥

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