April 12, 2008

Jeni and Jeremy

Last week, I met Jeni and Jeremy down at Point Defiance on one of the first truly beautiful springtime days. Everyone else in Tacoma thought so as well...since there were a ton of people out! Started out up near the rose gardens, and ended up down at Owen's Beach.

I love this shoot...it's so very "them". Their wedding is set for the end of the year...over Christmas break for them both. Both are teachers and coaches and actually met in the boys' locker room!

Jeremy is a high school football coach - so I love these of Jeni with the football. She's been perfecting her spiral -- doesn't she look simply beautiful?

He's trying to teach her how to do the Heisman. :)

Down at the beach...

And since I haven't featured a jumping shot in ages...here's my favorite 'in the air' image from the afternoon!

Congrats, you two! Can't wait for you to see the rest!


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OMG...I have never seen Jeni looks so beautiful. You did a great job capturing her beauty and how joyful of a time this is for her. Amazing!!! I love it!! -Marie