July 24, 2007

Aubrey...at five months

Baby Aubrey is growing quickly...

It's hard to believe that just a year and a month ago, she was the first baby I photographed while still in the womb. :) Granted, her mom didn't even realize she was pregnant yet! :) Here she was as a newborn, with a few more pics here.

I love the transition of her peaceful gaze above, to realizing that she can eat her toes if she wants to (below). If only we were all so bendy!

My favorite part of this shoot was seeing the 'big sister' protectiveness that's grown in her older sister, Katie. Aubrey is fascinated by her - and watches big sister's every move.

And Katie...she is grown so much...especially when you compare her to last year at this time.

Best was watching Aubrey and her mom bond.

How can you not love this serious, serious look?

Katie, cozied up to her papa.

And Aubrey, flashing her million dollar toothless grin... :)

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