June 10, 2007

Gwen at one month old

One of my favorite parts of family photography is the connections that people have with one another. Baby Gwen was no exception - the bond between her and her mom and dad is amazing to watch.

Noreen was the grand prize winner of a photo shoot from The Little Moment contest...and I love debuting Gwen with her shoot. Noreen is the successful owner/director of LUX Talent - a full service boutique talent that she has grown over the years. I loved being able to turn the camera on her and get to shoot her growing family.

Noreen and Louis (who we got to see last night in West Side Story as Tony - how fun was that?) opened their home to me earlier this week.

Louis's tribute to E.T.

How can you not love this t-shirt?

My tribute to the Vanity Fair cover of Suri Cruise...

And Noreen, snuggling her daughter close...
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