April 30, 2007

Baby Sam

Little Sam, just six months old. Amazing blue eyes that have a golden sparkle...and the most perfect little smile. Spent a Saturday afternoon with him and his mom....taking in the northwest sunshine.

Sam absolutely loves texture - and he just grinned as he curled up to this pillow, bare little baby bum and all!

I usually save my favorite photo for last...but I couldn't wait. I love this image. Natalie and Sam were playing and laughing and giggling with each other, and they both turned towards me...

...and this is what I saw.

Check out the baby madras shirt! Hanging out in the beautiful flower garden that his papa designed.

Overlooking the Puget Sound...

In his wee overalls...check out the little lobster!

And my second favorite...with his little grin and sparkly eyes! :)


Anonymous said...

Your work is awesome Shelley,

and you always have a cute babies :) Love all the pictures,
Especially pic#1 and pic#6 :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe because we are his God Parents we are a little swayed but isnt he the cutest......