March 31, 2007

Art and Kristina

In love. Crazy in love. Goofy-nutty-lovey in love.

I love it. These two couldn't be better matched. To quote Kristina, Art works for "a big software company that everyone has heard of"...but he is also one of the most talented music ministers I know. Of the few things in life i would be intimidated by...leading the music for his wedding Mass would be at the top of the list. Good luck to whoever will be doing that! :)

So honored to be part of their big day!

We spent the morning up on Lake Washington...and just evaded the rain. What do I love about them? They are themselves. All the time. And that brings out the best images. I ♥ that.

Art's idea...shallow depth of field...and he's trying to catch her...

One of the 'typical' shots...just to prove they exist from the day... ;)

Art and Kristina...sitting in a tree...k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

And laughing. Lots of laughing. Lots and lots of it.

Making their debut in the playground world...and just being them.

I can't wait for your will be a good thing!


Elizabeth Ann said...

I just LOVE the kissing in the tree shot! You are fantanstic!

foxmulder said...

Who are these people?

erwinwijanto photography said...

Love these pictures Shelley...

1st pic cracks me up :) Hope to see you guys again... :)